Win a free copy of Poker Copilot: PokerStars Home Game Tournament This Sunday

A few days ago I announced the Poker Copilot Club on PokerStars. There will be two $1+$0.10 tournaments on PokerStars on Sunday in the Poker Copilot Club.

  • Tournament #1 starts at 12 noon ET, (5pm in the UK, and 6pm in Western Europe).
  • Tournament #2 starts at 6pm ET, which should suit Americans and Canadians.

I’ve decided to give a free license of Poker Copilot to the winner of each tournament. Using Poker Copilot’s trial version? Here’s your chance to get a free full version. Already have the full version? Win and you can give your prize to a friend.

Instructions for joining the Poker Copilot club on PokerStars are here.