Purchasing Poker Copilot via PokerStars Transfer No Longer Possible

People sometimes ask if they can purchase Poker Copilot by transferring via an online poker room. I’ve long had a policy of allowing this, via PokerStars transfer or Full Tilt Poker transfer.

Yesterday, however, when I tried to routinely cash out the money in my PokerStars account, the cash out was cancelled. Here is an excerpt from an email PokerStars sent me explaining why they did this:

Our transfer tool is only meant to help players fund their accounts when they are unable to deposit with deposit options currently available to them. All funds added to your account via transfer must be used to play at our tables.

We are restricted by our license agreement in the Isle of Man and this prevents us from being able to offer a real money transfer service for the purpose of cashing out.

In this case, your cashout has been cancelled and funds have been returned to your account balance. You are welcome to play with the funds or to return it back to the sender.

You should use a money transferring service outside of PokerStars for transfers which are not meant to be played at our tables.

I checked the PokerStars security FAQ and they make the situation absolutely clear:

Q: Can I cashout the funds I received via transfers?

A: As per our Terms of Service, transfers are only allowed for the purpose of playing at our tables.

Therefore I’ll have to decline any future requests to purchase Poker Copilot via a PokerStars funds transfer.