PokerZebra now in the Mac OS X App Store

Almost a year ago I spent a couple of weekends putting together something like PokerStove for Mac OS X. For obscure reasons, I called it PokerZebra. In January I submitted it to the Mac OS X App Store. At first it was rejected. After a three-line alteration I re-submitted it. This time is was accepted. That was a few days ago.

At US$4.99/€3.99, It is priced for impulse purchases. I’ve sold three copies so far in the first few days. This is only coffee money but I’m happy with it. It took me six weeks to get my first Poker Copilot sale when I launched in July 2008.

I find this Mac OS X App Store experiment intriguing. That a small hobby app like PokerZebra can be available for purchase with Apple handling all the e-commerce, online storage, and downloading opens up a new world of software sales.

If you are a software developer and have an idea for a small Mac OS X app, I encourage you to put together a minimum viable product and submit to to the App Store. Price it low enough for impulse purchases and you may even sell some copies. There’s nothing like the first sale or two to motivate you to further product development.

Visit PokerZebra’s App Store page.