Poker Copilot, PokerZebra, and the Mac App Store: Revisited

I submittedPokerZebra to the Mac OS X App Store. I spent 12 days “waiting for review”. Once the review started, within an hour the app was rejected. And fairly. The reason:

…if the user closes the application there is no way for the user to reopen the app without having to quit and then relaunch the application.

I like this. There are a set of automated and manual checks for the quality and conformity of an app in the App Store.

I’ve made the necessary changes and resubmitted. I suspect I’ll need to wait another couple of weeks to find out if PokerZebra is approved.

What has this to do with Poker Copilot? Simply this: the turn-around times are too long. When Full Tilt or PokerStars release an update that breaks Poker Copilot, I can’t wait 12 days for a review of the update by Apple. That’s 12 days of no head-up display (HUD) for Poker Copilot users. Even I changed Poker Copilot to meet Apple’s technical requirements – or Apple’s technical requirements for the App Store changed, it is simply not a workable system. Perhaps if there were expedited reviews of software updates it would be possible.