Poker Copilot, PokerZebra, and the Mac App Store

The big news in recent weeks for Mac OS X software developers is the release of the App Store for Mac OS X applications. It’s modelled on the iPhone/iPad app store. Developers are asking themselves, should I move my software to the App Store? Is it worth giving Apple a 30% cut (the non-negotiable terms set by Apple) of each sale? Will my app pass Apple’s rigorous review process?

Poker Copilot is built on Java. The App Store guidelines explicitly prohibits software built on Java, so there is an easy answer to the question, “shall I move Poker Copilot to the App Store?” Apple, however, over time may change their policy so I may still have to pose this question in the future.

To get a feel for the App Store from a software developer’s perspective, I’m moving PokerZebra to the App Store. I’m also making it a paid application for US$4.99/ EUR3.99/GBP2.99/AUD5.99. (The connection between these prices is set by Apple – I merely choose a pricing “Tier”). So far the process has been smooth, although I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for Apple to review PokerZebra, a necessary step to making it available.

I’m learning for a customer’s perspective how frustrating it is to not have any information while waiting. I’d love to know how far I am in the queue of waiting applications. Waiting is easier, I think, if one has a sense of moving forward in the waiting queue.