Full TIlt Poker Multi-Entry Tournaments: Help?

A recent Full Tilt innovation is the ability to have multiple entries in one tournament. You play as if two or more separate players.

These tournaments report their results differently. Normally the Full Tilt tournament summaries state:

stevoski111 finished in 37th place.

In Multi-Entry Tournaments it can read

stevoski111 finished in 37th and 111th place.

I need a collection of these tournament summaries to be able to fully test how Poker Copilot handles them. If you’ve played in Full Tilt Multi-Entry Tournaments, please send me your tournament summaries to steve@pokercopilot.com. This will make it much easier for me to add reliable support.

I especially am looking for tournaments where you finished in the money with one or more entries, and tournaments where two of your entries were merged because the number of tables remaining was less than your number of entries.