Coming in the next update: Support for Full Tilt Poker multi-entry tournaments

Here are some issues affecting Full Tilt Poker multi-entry tournaments in Poker Copilot:

  • You enter one tournament, twice, thrice, or perhaps four times. Each entry has a different result, and wins different money
  • It may be a rebuy tournament. An entry bombs out, but you buy back in. Full Tilt Poker doesn’t show in the tournament summary whether you rebought once each for two entries, or twice for one entry.
  • Now you want to review the hands from the tournament. So you find the tournament in Poker Copilot’s summary. You double-click to see the hands. The hands can’t be clearly separated by entry as there is not enough information in the Full Tilt Poker hand history files and tournament summary files.

After taking these issues into account, I’ve settled on the following:

  • The Poker Copilot tournament summary combines all your buyins and winnings for every entry in a tournament into a single result. This is shown in the “Take” column.
  • The “Result” column indicates how your BEST entry in the tournament did.

Screen shot 2011-01-30 at 10.37.03 AM.png

Note that Full Tilt is not yet indicating the number of add-ons and rebuys correctly for multi-entry tournaments. Until this is fixed by Full Tilt, Poker Copilot will report incorrect winnings for rebuy multi-entry tournaments.