Sentence(s) of the Day

From MailChimp’s blog (the emphasis is mine):

[People] bring up our recent growth spurt, and they ask what our “silver bullet” was. Most think it was the introduction of our freemium plan, but that’s not the case. I don’t think there is a silver bullet anymore (I say this, after chasing it for about a decade). I think you just have to work hard for about 10 years before you know what you’re doing.

Success is too often portrayed as easily achieved by a genius. “He did X, Y, and Z, and now he’s super-successful!” But in my opinion success usually comes as a result of working hard for a long time, learning from mistakes, continuing to study in your field, and seizing upon lucky breaks. With emphasis on the lucky breaks. There are counter-examples, but these are anomalies.

In my case, success with Poker Copilot came after almost a decade of trying to create and launch a software product. Along the way I made plenty of mistakes. Thankfully I learnt a lot from those mistakes.