Poker Copilot News – from Syria

First: the last few days I’ve had limited access to the Internet. So many apologies if you have been waiting for an answer to an email you sent. I hope to take care of all the emails in my inbox today.

Second: why did I have limited Internet? I’m travelling slowly towards my winter destination of Beirut, Lebanon. I spent a few days in the autonomous (and very safe) Iraqi province of Kurdistan. Nice people, nice food, but lousy Internet.

Third: loyal Poker Copilot customer and blog reader Phil writes:

I miss your news! Hope you’re doing well under the lebanese sunshine!

I’m not yet in Lebanon but very close. I’m in Aleppo, Syria, a very ancient city. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Sometime in the next few days I’ll arrive in Beirut, where I’ll settle for some weeks or months. During that time I’ll aim to release some Poker Copilot updates.

On the road I’ve also found some time to work on Poker Copilot. The next update will deal with a common problem for UB/Absolute Poker players – you’ll be able to easily override the table size if Poker Copilot if it incorrectly determines the table size. This should sort out the issues where the HUD layout is sometimes incorrect.

I’ve also been working on an experimental application programming interface (API). The API will allow anyone with a bit of programming knowledge to work with the Poker Copilot data in various ways. It will even give you all the real-time data you need to create your own alternative HUD! The language-agnostic API is accessed via HTTP web services.