Some Poker Copilot Fixes

Heavy Poker Copilot users – multi-tablers and people with big databases – have been hitting performance and stability issues with the current Poker Copilot update. I think I’ve tracked down the worst of the problems. If this has affected you,  you can download an unofficial update I’ve made available on the Poker Copilot translation page.

To get the improvements you’ll need to download this update and reset your database.

I’d be grateful for any feedback from people who try this out.

And now a technical explanation: the main cause was the “Recently Seen Hands” addition to the HUD. The database query that obtains this information was not using the database index I wanted it to be using. So it was doing a “full table scan” – a dread phrase that puts terror in the hearts of database admins.

This update also has the following fixes and improvements:

  • Support for Cereus Network 7-2 hands
  • Fixed two causes of Poker Copilot crashes
  • Updated translations
  • Support for new Full Tilt capped limit hand history format
  • Added 4-bet stats to summary tables
  • Added 4-bet stats to dashboards
  • Fix for missing colour scheme for new HUD statistics
  • Fix for crash caused by selecting “Reset HUD” for new users

There’s also some extra logging added to the console to help me troubleshoot some additional problems, particularly related to UB and AbsolutePoker HUD layout issues.