Poker Copilot Sneak Preview – Languages and more

Over on the Poker Copilot Translation Project page, you can download a special build of Poker Copilot that includes the coming improvements, such as M-Ratio, recently seen opponent cards in the HUD popup panel, taking into account Winamax preferred seat, and – most importantly – the new language packs.

The trial build includes a full German translation, Dutch translation, and Italian translation. These are all ready for review. French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hungarian are all partly done and coming along well. Many thanks again to all who are helping with this.

I gave the German translation (Thanks Christian!) a test drive this morning and discovered that I overlooked some parts of Poker Copilot when setting it up for translation. So at the moment, even with the full translations, there are few places where English rears its ugly head. Somebody told me that this was going to be an iterative process – and he was right!