Next Poker Copilot Update is Almost Here

This is the update with M-ratio and 4-bet and fold-to-4-bet and big blinds remaining and a better colour chooser and recently seen opponent cards and winamax preferred seat recognition and – well, I guess that’s it. Except, of course the translations of Poker Copilot into multiple languages.

I intend to release it tomorrow. Over at the Poker Copilot Translation Project page you can get a sneak preview. Failing any major problems, this is almost exactly the same update that will be released tomorrow.

Note the following:

  • With help from loyal Poker Copilot customer Andy, I’ve tweaked the definition of four-bet opportunity to only count the times when you already made a pre-flop raise. I’ve also tweaked the definition of fold to four-bet opportunity to only count the times when you already made a three-bet. If you’ve already taken a sneaky preview of the update with four-bet stats, you’ll need to reset your database to apply these new definitions.
  • The following language packs are between 98.314% and 99.657% complete and will be included in the official update: French, Dutch, Italian, German, Hungarian, and Spanish (Latin American). Thanks, thanks, thanks to the hard work of the volunteer translators.
  • The following language packs are progressing nicely but are not yet complete enough to make it into the official update: Spanish (Spain), Polish, Russian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal).