Multi-lingual Poker Copilot?

Poker Copilot comes in any language you like, as long as it is English. British English, that is.

I think it is about time to put things right. So I’ve started making the necessary changes for Poker Copilot to be in French, German, Spanish, Luxembourgish, and many other languages.

So far I’ve translated the menu bar into French…


…and German.


Unfortunately my limited language skills won’t take me much further. So I’m hoping to draw on the awesome power of my globally-dispersed customer base to volunteer.

The text to be translated is stored in property files, one for each language (or language/country combination where necessary):

Screen shot 2010-09-08 at 5.48.17 PM.png


I’m still researching and pondering a good way to undertake this distributed task. If you have ideas on how I can pleasantly manage this task please post them in the comments.