First Sale in 日本 and Praise for FastSpring

日本 is Japan for us non-Japanese reading people.

I’ve had a few sales in Japan, but today I had my first sale to someone who entered their name and address in a Japanese script. I’m somewhat surprised that this was possible. It seems my third-party payment processor, FastSpring, can handle this and my automated license key generator can handle this. This was especially surprising as my first Cyrillic sale required me to do some recoding.

It makes me even more satisfied that I outsourced payment processing to FastSpring from day one. If I had coded a payment processor module myself, it would require way too much work in design, development, testing, and maintenance to make it handle various scripts. I’m also happy with FastSpring’s fraud detection. E-commerce fraud is a major headache for anyone who primarily sells their wares or services online. With FastSpring It is very rare that I have a fraudulent sale. In the last 2 years or so that I’ve been selling Poker Copilot, only four fraudulent sales have got ”past the keeper”.