Full Tilt Poker for France Players – Please Help!

Here’s the problem: To use FullTiltPokerFR (the France-specific Full Tilt Poker) you need to have an address in France. Which I don’t have. So I’m unable to test whether the FullTiltPokerFR support I’ve added this week works.

Will you, friendly FullTiltPokerFR users, like to help me here? If so, then download this unreleased update of Poker Copilot and try out the FullTiltPokerFR support.

Here’s what I have been able to test: importing hand history files and tournament summaries.

Here’s what I haven’t been able to test: auto-detection of hand history files, and the HUD.

So please tell me, when you select from the Poker Copilot menu “Tools” -> “Detect Casinos…”, does it find your FullTiltPokerFR hand history folder correctly? (It will be listed under Full Tilt Poker).

Does the HUD work, for cash games and/or for tournaments?

Many, many thanks. Merci beaucoup.