Customer Suggestion: Better Odds for the Hand Replayer

Loyal Poker Copilot customer Matt took a look at Poker Copilot’s odds calculation in the hand replayer. He has this suggestion:

Is there a way this can be set up to run against ranges based on stats?  We know the villains VPiP and PFR.  In some cases we have sample size issues, but we have the information so we’re not really playing against 4 random hands.  We’re against 4 ranges that can be applied to villains based on known stats.

Nothing is perfect (aside from seeing hole cards lol).  And some villains are more positionally aware, etc.  Every is dealt a random hand.  But once they make a decision pre-flop, it would be great if the replayer odds were calculated on a more accurate limp, and PFR hand range based on the stats we have. Would be like a built in Stove or Poker Cruncher iPhone app odds calculator.

Again, not sure if this is possible.  But the odds calc in the replayer as it is now, while cool, isn’t taking advantage of the stats info we have.  And I still have to run Poker Cruncher calcs with the player to estimate something much closer to my real odds/equity in the hand.  It could also be misused by a player who doesn’t understand “Stoving” ranges based on stat percentages.  Odds in the replayer may be closer than they appear lol.  Say we’re in the hand with all villains VPiP under 15 and PFR under 10.

When they limp they aren’t playing a random hand.  The biggest problem is players who are positionally aware.  But I still feel like we’re getting a lot closer to our real equity in the hand by applying a 15% limp range for that villain vs. a random range.  Likewise when that player raises with a PFR of 5% we’re against a much tighter range.

Your thoughts? Is this feasible? Is this desirable?