Coming in the next Poker Copilot update

The next update of Poker Copilot shows the probability of a hand winning in the replayer. It updates as the hand continues. You can see how your odds improve when a player folds or you hit a favourable flop.

Here’s a demo. Note the “Probability of winning” displayed in the lower right-hand corner:

Although the check box for this feature is labelled “Odds”, it is actually not odds but a probability in percentage format. I’m sure my mathematically inclined users will tolerate the misuse of the word “odds”. Then again, maybe I’ll show the odds as well as the probability: 50% (1:1) or 93% (13.3:1)

The probability is calculated using a “Monte Carlo” simulation. That is, rather than exhaustively count all the possible outcomes and calculate which ones would lead to victory, a random sample of possibilities are used. This leads to “close enough” results in a tiny fraction of the time otherwise needed to test all the millions, billions, or hundreds of trillions of possibilities. I use a fixed random number seed to ensure that playing the same hand twice gives the same probabilities. Otherwise the probabilities might fluctuate within a tight range.