A Poker Copilot Update for PokerStars users in France

If you play poker online and live in France, you are probably aware of a new law for online poker that start today, June 29th 2010.

I’ve updated Poker Copilot to work with the France-only PokerStars client, also known as PokerStarsFR. You can download Poker Copilot 2.47 now to get PokerStarsFR support.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to make things work:

  1. Download and install PokerStarsFR from http://pokerstars.fr/
  2. In PokerStarsFR set your preferred seat at every table size (Options -> Siége préféré)
  3. In PokerStarsFR turn on instant hand history (Options -> Options Historique des mains)
  4. In PokerStarsFR make sure instant hand history is set to English. You can use PokerStarsFR in French but the hand histories must be in English.
  5. In Poker Copilot’s menu bar select Tools -> Detect Casinos. This should automatically detect PokerStarsFR. If it doesn’t, quit PokerStarsFR and start it again.

These instructions are also here.

I’ll see if I can get support for the new Winamax client up soon. Stay tuned.