Poker Copilot 2.45 Now Available

Poker Copilot 2.45 is now available to download.

What’s changed:
  • In the Players summary, if the “Only players seen recently” checkbox is checked, only players seen in the last 24 hours are shown. This was previously showing all players seen in the last month. This gives an enormous speed improvement to the Players summary for Poker Copilot users who play a lot of hands per month. Thanks to loyal customer Al for testing this.
  • Cmd+W now closes the current window, as in most other Mac OS X applications.

What’s fixed:

  • Fold to Three-Bet was sometimes calculated incorrectly. Thanks to loyal customer Jon for helping me track down this problem.
  • Pressing a keyboard key while selecting a custom date no longer crashes Poker Copilot. Thanks to theĀ JDatePicker team for fixing this so quickly after I reported it.
  • Full Tilt Poker guarantee ticket wins are now handled correctly.
  • Poker Copilot now no longer blocks your Mac from shutting down or restarting.

Update Instructions:

  1. Download version 2.45 here.
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. Drag the Poker Copilot icon to the Applications icon.
  4. If prompted to replace an existing version, confirm that you do want to replace.

Now you’re done and ready to hit the tables.