Keyboard Controls for Poker Copilot’s Hand Replayer

The next update of Poker Copilot will introduce keyboard controls for the hand replayer. The controls are based on iTunes, and are as follows:

  • The space bar starts and stops the replay
  • Left and Right arrow keys move to previous step and next step in the current hand
  • Cmd+Left and Cmd+Right arrow keys move to the previous hand and next hand
  • Up and Down arrows keys do the same as Cmd+Left and Cmd+Right: previous hand and next hand

Things have been a bit slow here at Poker Copilot headquarters recently. I am hoping, however, to pick up the pace and to get some good improvements done over the coming weeks. My aim:

  • The long-promised replayer improvements
  • More Leak Detectors
  • Possibly a $/hr stat or chart
  • Some new filters
  • The usual bug fixes and polishing of remaining rough edges