One of those ‘it-makes-it-all-worthwhile" emails

When you download Poker Copilot, you can optionally sign up for the Poker Copilot tips email series. The final email reads as follows:

Hi there!

If Poker Copilot hasn't met your expectations over the last 30 days,
here is your chance to tell us why. You can do so by answering this email.
It will go straight to my inbox. I'd love to hear your feedback so that
we can continue improving Poker Copilot.


Steve McLeod
Founder, Poker Copilot


This has been helpful to solicit feedback. It prompts people to tell me directly if there was some major problem or annoyance that interfered with their trial.

Yesterday, it prompted Poker Copilot customer Avery to send me this email which left me uplifted for hours afterwards:

Poker Copilot has exceeded my expectations over the few weeks I’ve owned it. I used the demo of an earlier version. But the changes you’ve made since you started Copilot sold me on buying it, and make me happy to own it.

That you continue to upgrade Poker Copilot, and continue to make those upgrades free to users of the current version, shows a real commitment to your hopefully growing customer base. Certainly, I recommend Copilot to anyone I know. I sense that you are excited about your program and its continued development, and that’s exciting as a user. I also like supporting practical, no-nonsense programmers like you, who are working hard to make an already user-friendly program friendlier and more comprehensive. You don’t promise the world, and your blog is a refreshing testament to that (please keep those communications up!), but what you do promise you deliver in spades.

I haven’t won millions yet. Far from it. But being able to study my play and the play of my opponents is invaluable to me improving as a poker player. My ROI is up. My ITM is up. And I’ve been able to identify some serious holes in my game thanks to you and your program.