Why has the Poker Copilot import become so slow?

Because you’ve got the “Mucked Cards” window open, perhaps.

A few people have asked this recently. The problem has been something I haven’t been able to reproduce. Until now, perhaps. When the Mucked Cards window is not open, Poker Copilot doesn’t bother updating its contents. With it IS open, then Poker Copilot regularly needs to update the window, which means more database work. It seems this particular database work becomes increasingly slow as your number of hands increases.

I’m investigating why this is the case. But for now, the simple solution is to close the “Mucked Cards” window until all your hands are loaded. If you do have this problem, please post in the comments whether this solves the problem.

And now for the techies: yep, the SQL is optimised and using two simple single-column indices/indexes. Yep, I’ve checked for full table scans, and nothing evil like that seems to be the cause. This might (but only might) be a regression caused by when I updated the H2 database engine.

Tomorrow, when I’m coffee-d up and alert, I’ll find a much faster way to get the mucked cards info out of the database.