"Where’s the Darn All-in EV Chart?"

Good question. Boy has this become a monkey on my back!

[Warning: Technical computer programming stuff ahead. If this stuff bores you, jump directly to the last paragraph.]

The current situation: the dynamic library I built from poker-eval to calculate equity value doesn’t work on PPC-based Macs. Let’s make that clearer. Poker-eval works. But my dynamic library doesn’t. It gives wildly wrong values. I think this is because poker-eval has many optimisations to work as fast as possible, and one of those optimisations relies on the CPU’s Endianness. If you don’t know what Endianness is, if the concept has never entered your life, I envy you.

I’m currently dusting off an earlier version of the Mac OS X Developer Tools that I can install on the PPC Mac Mini. That will allow me to do some PPC-dependent work. Then I hope to include two dynamic libraries for calculating equity value. Poker Copilot will choose the right one depending on your Mac’s CPU.

I’m also finding that some of Hold’em Manager’s (HEM) All-In Equity Value calculations are puzzling. I’m pretty sure some of their calculations are wrong in unusual situations. So my aim now is not to produce exactly the same All-In EV results as HEM. Instead I want to make a chart that is close enough. Given that All-In EV is a rough measure of luck at best, I think this is acceptable. So now I need to find the biggest discrepancies between Poker Copilot and HEM and decide what to do for each of them.

Estimated time of delivery: end of next week. There. I’m committed now. And for four of those days I’ll be taking an Easter break. If I don’t deliver by Friday April 9th you have every right to bombard me with emails saying, “but, you said…”