Are Hold’em Manager’s All-in Equity Value Calculations Reliable?

Yesterday I asked for help in working out why Hold’em Manager’s “All-in Equity Value Difference” for a specific hand wasn’t what I thought it should be.

Loyal Poker Copilot customer Noah suggested I post the problem on the 2+2 forums. So I did. And I received not one, but two excellent answers. Both answers were from the teams behind other poker tracking software. In both cases their software calculated the same value as my software. Nobody got Hold’em Manager’s result.

This has me concerned. Based on some forum discussions I had read, I assumed Hold’em Manager was the gold standard in All-in EV calculations. Now I suspect this is not the case. I have found a significant rate of what I believe to be errors in Hold’em Manager’s All-in EV calculations. This makes the “All-in Equity Value Chart” useless as a tool.

It also raises a problem for testing Poker Copilot. Without a reliable source to measure all-in equity value calculations against, I can’t be sure that Poker Copilot’s calculations are reliable.

So here’s what I am going to do: Tomorrow I’ll release a Poker Copilot update “for the brave only”. It won’t be an official, full release. It will be only for seeking feedback from the “early adopters” on new features such as the “All-in Equity Value Chart”. Meanwhile I’ll measure my All-in EV test cases more widely against a bunch of other poker tracking tools.

EDIT: In reading this back, I think I seem too hard on Hold’em Manager, which, by all accounts, is an excellent product. All that happened is I uncovered some possible calculation problems in one small section of Hold’em Manager.