Why would Poker Copilot’s Creator install Hold’em Manager?

The All-in Equity Value Chart is almost done. I’m now looking for unusual conditions to make sure the results are still correct. My aim is to ensure that Poker Copilot’s All-in Equity Value Chart gives identical information as Hold’em Manager (HEM). That’s because, as far as I can tell, HEM seems to be the gold standard in giving online poker players in the Windows world what they want.

Here’s two simple charts to compare – the first is from Poker Copilot, and the second is from HEM.

Screen shot 2010-03-24 at 5.33.16 PM.png
Screen shot 2010-03-24 at 5.33.22 PM.png

These look identical to my eye. Hopefully they do to your eyes as well.

In order to create the Hold’em Manager chart I had to run Windows on my Mac using Sun VirtualBox and install Hold’em Manager. I hate to praise my competitors, but the whole HEM install process has vastly improved since last I looked at the Windows poker tracking software.

Whenever I run Windows on my Mac, I feel a little dirty afterwards, as if I had been doing something that I really shouldn’t be doing. I think I need to have a shower now to wash the dirt away!