Poker Odds Calculator for Mac: First Prototype

I spent an hour this morning with Balsamiq Mockups toying with various UI for Mac OS X poker odds calculator.

I then spent an hour getting used to Xcode and Interface Builder again. Thank you Aaron Hillegass.

Another hour disappeared into working out why using Cocoa’s NSTask to run a command line process made all subsequent logging statements disappear. (The solution is here, by the way).

Finally after getting that stuff out of the way, I made some progress. Here’s a screenshot of PokerZebra, a working, simple poker odds calculator for Mac OS X:

Screen shot 2010-03-20 at 1.27.24 PM.png

It’s not PokerStove yet, as it currently doesn’t work with ranges of hands, nor does it colour-code the equity values. But it is a good proof of concept.

Why the name PokerZebra? It’s a working title. My secondary computer was in screen saver mode, showing photos I made while travelling. I told myself, the next photo will inspire the name. And this photo appeared: