The Poker Copilot Email Series

I’ve been trying to dedicate Monday to marketing. “Monday Marketing” is a time to improve the contents of my website, create new tutorial videos, research new methods of online marketing, and implement them.

Today being Monday, I added the Poker Copilot Tips email series to the website. This is intended for first-time downloaders of Poker Copilot. The sign-up form is on the “Thank You” page you see after downloading Poker Copilot:

Screen shot 2010-03-22 at 6.43.06 PM.png

(This image is non-clickable: you can sign up here.)

The purposes are as follows:

  • give potential customers who are new to poker analysis software immediate access to helpful information.
  • letting people store in their inbox links to our discussion forum, our documentation, the blog, and the Get Satisfaction site.
  • to ‘remind’ people who are on their 30-day trial that time is running down.
  • to let people who didn’t buy Poker Copilot during their trial that they can contact us with requests and complaints.

The emails are light, each only a few sentences. These sentences are teasers with links to full information back on the Poker Copilot website. Hopefully while reading the information, they also are tempted with the seductive website to click on “Buy Now”, get out their credit card, and become a proud owner of Poker Copilot.

Everything is user-respectful. Signing up is optional. A confirmation link is sent via email to ensure people really want to sign up. A single click at the bottom of each email unsubscribes. A prominent link on the signup form states our privacy policy in clear, simple terms. I’m using a third-party service called AWeber to handle the whole service, taking advantage of their expertise to do things right by email subscribers.