All-in Equity Value Chart in Progress

Here’s a screenshot of the work in progress:

Screen shot 2010-03-18 at 4.45.36 PM.png

As you can see progress is good. Except the All-in Equity Value line on the chart is completely wrong. I mean, not even close to reality. I’ve create a dummy function to create the equity value. Which brings me to my point: everything is done and working except the hardest bit: the function/method called calculateEquityValue() which takes as input a hand and turns as output the equity value in cents…

Unfortunately I can’t find a canonical way of calculating all-in equity value. There are so many variables one could take into account. I figure the best I can do is to make the charts generated by Poker Copilot show the same data as those generated by Hold ’em Manager. Unfortunately I’m unable to find much about this chart in Hold ’em Manager’s documentation. I suspect Hold ’em Manager uses poker-eval from poker source.

Can any of my readers guide me to a good formula/function/algorithm for calculating all-in equity value? What are some of the issues you would like me to consider when calculating equity value?