New Poker Copilot Article

Today, posted an up-to-date article about recent Poker Copilot improvements.

I love getting these reviews. Not only are they good for my ego (look, ma, I’m famous!), they are good for Poker Copilot’s Google juice. The more reviews and blog posts and forum discussions that link to Poker Copilot, the better Google’s algorithms rank my site. The better Google ranking I have, the more that people looking for Mac poker tracking software stumble upon my site. Which means more downloads. And more sales. And finally more money in my bank account.

If you are trying to market your own small software firm, I encourage you to do just about anything to get reviews from other websites. Being profligate with free licenses in return for reviews is a good start. When someone wanting to write an article about your software asks questions, answer them all as quickly and as detailed as you can. Sometimes your answers will end up almost verbatim in the article.

The same goes for anybody trying to market their goods or services on the web. You want links to your site. Lots of them. But not from those spammy sites that are simply a collection of links. You want links from real blogs and quality websites.