Forgetting what the aim is?

(Part of the series on my Mac Poker Software experiment)

Loyal blog reader Rob wrote in a comment:

I wonder if [getting on the first page of Google search results] will translate into a demonstrable increase in sales – it’s possible people would have found your software anyway given that poker copilot is right above in the results…

Good point. My ultimate aim for this experiment is not simply to “own” the Google search phrase “Mac Poker Software”. My ultimate aim is to sell more copies of Poker Copilot.

So far I’ve not detected any sales resulting from getting onto the first page of Google’s results for “mac poker software”. Total traffic to the site is tiny. Does that mean it was wasted effort?

Possibly. Possibly not. I’m still hoping to see climb into the top three Google results as I continue to tweak the content. Allegedly, Google-driven traffic increases exponentially as a site move up the search results page.

I’m also hoping to capture some Google search results that Poker Copilot is not already catching. Already this is happening somewhat. You can see this in my Google Analytics “Keywords” report:

Screen shot 2010-02-04 at 9.35.59 AM.png

Almost every search query contains “mac” or “os x”.