Exporting from Poker Copilot

For a while it has been possible to export data from Poker Copilot. But I never connected this feature to the user interface. Which means I’m the only person who can use it. That’s soon to change.

This week I’m in Switzerland with only my little old MacBook Pro for computing company. That means I can’t work on major new features this week (Cough-cough all-in EV chart cough-cough) but I thought it was time to wire up the export functionality to the user interface.

Here’s what I’ve designed so far to control exporting.

This dialog is accessed from the File menu.

Clicking “Export…” prompts you to select a folder/file to export to.

The “Tabular data” option is for people who want to run their own analysis over data using Excel, R, or custom code.

Feedback, as always, is welcome. I’m especially interested in how tabular data might best be formatted for use with Excel, R, or custom code.