"Rush Poker" on Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker introduced “Rush Poker” overnight. It’s a funky concept. As soon as you fold, you get rushed to a new table with a different set of opponents. So you don’t get to develop a feel for your opponents.

I played Rush Poker a little today to make sure Poker Copilot works with it. It does, for post-game analysis. However the HUD is useless, seeing as the players change after every single hand.

At first I played ultra-tight on Rush Poker, waiting for a great hand. Then I noticed that everybody was playing ultra-tight. As the wisdom says, when the table is tight, play loose. I did that, raising whenever I had a pocket pair or a picture card, as long as nobody had already bet or raised. It seemed to be a winning strategy.

I’m curious to see what the optimal strategy for Rush Poker will be in a few weeks time when many people have had a chance to develop a strategy.