Poker Copilot vs Poker Tracker

From a Poker Copilot customer who tried Poker Tracker:

“I downloaded the Poker Tracker 3 60 day trial and gave it a shot. And I didn’t just give it a little shot. I played 50,0000+ hands total in the last year (amateur for sure) and I played the last 5,000 using PT3 exclusively. And I prefer Copilot. No doubt I’m partial to your product being the first Mac tracker to market, but I wanted to be intellectually honest about it. Best product wins.

“As a Mac user, Copilot wins for me. There are valuable things I could get out of PT3 that I can’t get out of Copilot. BUT you’re constantly advancing. And your product is (to me) so perfect for the Mac market. Figure out what 95% of the customers want and go with that rather than trying to please the other 5% too and making an overly complicated product for everybody.”

This was an unsolicited email. I’ve got several emails like this recently. I appreciate them!

I don’t want to get caught up in a “My product vs their product” slagging match. Live and let live, as they say. So you probably won’t hear much more from me on this issue.