Poker Copilot Roadmap for 2010

I’ve enjoyed a restful December. Now I’m fully recharged and it’s time to charge ahead with Poker Copilot updates. Here are the high priority tasks for the coming months – in no particular order:

  • All-in EV chart.
  • The ability to “flag” or “star” hands while playing for later review.
  • More stats – because, according to the power users, there can never be enough stats!
  • Hand Replayer improvements, such as keyboard control, stats and pot odds, the ability to sit back and watch several consecutive hands, and a “Save as QuickTime movie” option.
  • Colour-coded Head-up Display.
  • Auto-generated player icons to represent their style. Think donk, shark, rock.
  • Absolute Poker support.
  • Better documentation.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Integration with well-known “product X” where I can’t reveal what “product X” is yet.
  • The exclusive, one-of-a-kind Poker Copilot leak detectors.

Will there be a Poker Copilot 3? I haven’t decided yet. The approach of continual free updates is working out well so far.