Poker Copilot 2.29 Now Official Release

There’s been a huge surge in Poker Copilot downloads in the last 24 hours, as PokerStars players discover that yesterday’s PokerStars update broke Poker Copilot.

The fix, 2.29, seems to be running extremely well. So I’m happy to designate it the official release. Actually I don’t have much choice. PokerStars is the most popular Mac online poker room, and it only works with 2.29.

Here’s a list of the major improvements since version 2.23:

  • works with latest PokerStars update.
  • you can “star” interesting hands for later review.
  • Absolute Poker support. 
  • almost every screen is much faster. By much faster I mean between 5x and 100x faster. 
  • By default “Recent Hands” will show only 1,000 hands. In the Performance panel in the Preferences you can change this up to 10,000.
  • There’s a stronger separation of ring games and tournaments in the user interface.
This is mostly a repeat of information from earlier blog posts.