Mac Poker Software

A couple of weeks ago, I unexpectedly found myself in possession of a new domain name, I think I put in a backorder for it about a year ago, then forgot all about it.

But what to do with this asset? In a friendly email conversation, Patrick McKenzie gave me a strategy for using the domain to attract focused web traffic: Optimise the heck out of the site with some content and links and let Google go do what Google does well.

The strategy goes something like this:

  1. Put a WordPress blog on the site.
  2. Put a discrete advertisement for Poker Copilot on the site.
  3. Write some pages of relevant content.
  4. Get the ball rolling with a couple of well-placed links.
  5. Wait a couple of weeks for the Google juice to start flowing.
  6. Gradually make the page promote Poker Copilot more aggressively.

Steps 1 through 3 are done. Step 4 will be done as soon as I click on the “Post New Blog Entry” button. 🙂

I hope to post an update here with the results of this experiment in a month or two.