Amsterdam, Documentation, and Mac Poker Software

I haven’t got much work done these last couple of three days. I found somebody to write the Poker Copilot documentation. Conveniently, he lives only a 2.5 hour train ride away from where I live. Better still, he lives in Amsterdam. I’ll visit an interesting city on the flimsiest excuse. As far as excuses go, visiting a person working with me is far from flimsy. So to Amsterdam I went.

The trip to Amsterdam meant I spent little time in front of the computer. You don’t go to Amsterdam to sit in a hotel room using a computer all day! So please be patient if you’ve sent me an e-mail recently and I haven’t responded yet.

What I did make time for was to check Google far too frequently to see if my “Mac Poker Software” experiment has made progress. Finally, this evening, Google admits that the site exists. I found this out by doing a Google query for “”

Until this evening, Google always responded with:

Your search – – did not match any documents.

Now Google says:

Screen shot 2010-01-18 at 10.35.55 PM.png