Poker Copilot Christmas Special: $10 Off

Thinking of buying Poker Copilot? Got a relative or friend who still doesn’t know what to get you for Christmas?

After a quick chat with a business advisor (also known as my girlfriend), I made an impromptu decision. Between now and the end of December, Poker Copilot is $10 cheaper. Instead of $59.95, it costs $49.95. Recent sales of Poker Copilot have been strong. What better time to encourage even more people to buy?

Upgrades from version 1 to version 2 are also $10 cheaper. So if you still haven’t upgraded, upgrade now for $19.95.

Buy Poker Copilot 2 now for $49.95.

Upgrade to version 2 now for $19.95.

There’s no catches, no tricks, no hidden clauses. You’ll get the full Poker Copilot 2, including all version 2 updates.

Remember, this offer is valid only until 31st December 2009.