Can Poker Copilot read Tournament Summary Emails Directly?

Yes. Soon. In the next update.

The method to get PokerStars tournament summaries into Poker Copilot is subpar. I’ve improved it over time, but the basic problem is this: you have to manually copy and paste from an email to a Poker Copilot dialog. The email can contain up to 200 tournament summaries. Each of these may be 10,000 lines or more – a recent PokerStars tournament had 100,000 players – depending on what tournaments you play. That’s potentially two million lines of text you need to copy via the clipboard from your email to Poker Copilot. Pasting two million lines of text will crash many an app – including Poker Copilot.

I did some experimental work today in accessing my Gmail account directly from Poker Copilot. It seems to work satisfactorily, although some heavy testing is in order.

Here’s a mockup of the user interface:

Screen shot 2009-12-30 at 2.04.36 PM.png

Why only Gmail? Making sure Poker Copilot works well with a range of email services is a ton of testing work. I can foresee a world of user support pain if I support all email services. So I figured it was better to only support a few very popular services. Gmail is a good starting point. It’s free. It’s reliable. I use it myself. Once I get the concept running well, I’ll probably add support for as well.