The Ongame Network Problem

Here’s a quick illustration showing why Poker Copilot doesn’t yet have a HUD for Winamax and other Ongame Network clients on Mac OS X.

On your Mac, in Spotlight, type Accessibility Inspector, and run the app. Move your mouse over an application, such as iChat, and notice the Accessibility Inspector give you a bunch of info about that app:

Screen shot 2009-11-30 at 12.44.39 PM.png

Now start Winamax and move the mouse over the Winamax app. Notice how the Accessibility Inspector doesn’t show info for Winamax, and furthermore freezes up for a few seconds?

So Ongame Network team, if you are reading this, that’s a simple way to reproduce this problem on the Mac with your P5 engine. We here in the Mac OS X world would all be extremely grateful if you could fix this.

I check this every so often to see if it has been fixed.