Bob Walsh’s Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Software

Some good stuff from Bob Walsh in this discussion:

1. Look at trial downloads to sales ratio. If it’s dismal [
2. Look at your overall traffic. If it’s low, what are you going to do about it? Consider a microsite: it works.

3. Look at your primary market (the keywords that people find you with). Is it too narrow? Use Google’s new Wonder Wheel to find better keywords.

4. Look at your product – does it have a regular online heartbeat of incremental goodness (fixes/improvements) so people know it’s alive?

5. Look at yourself – Is your tech support giving your customers a great experience or making them hate you? Lou Carbone is the master re engineering customer experience: highly recommend his book.

So how is Poker Copilot doing on these 5 items?

1. I’m happy with the customer’s first-time experience, although I do want to add a couple of short video tutorials to explain things a bit.

2. Poker Copilot traffic has a continuing upward trend. However I suspect that with some concerted effort I could improve the slope of the trend. For a long time I’ve been thinking of seeking help with this from Dave Collins’ crew at SharewarePromotions.

3. I’m not so concerned about this at the moment.

4. Regular online heartbeat? Yep, yeppity, yep. I even fixed some minor glitches this morning. Heartbeat is pulsing regularly and strong.

5. Book now added to my to-read list.