30 Day Trial AND Money Back Guarantee

Someone on the Business of Software forum asked about using a “if you are not satisfied, we’ll give you your money back” guarantee instead of a 30-day free trial.

I think a software company should consider offering both.

You want to reduce the feeling the potential customer has of “taking a risk” when they buy your product. This makes people far more likely to purchase.

Take stock of your own feelings next time you are parting with a significant amount of money. Feel the sense of risk. Feel the sense that it might not be what you want. Consider what would alleviate that sense of risk. What about a chance to try it first? and a no-questions-asked money back guarantee?

It works. That’s why many software companies offer both. That’s why the Poker Copilot home page mentions both:

Screen shot 2009-11-19 at 7.11.05 PM.png