Unexpected Consequences

I recently changed a pair of toggle buttons on the Poker Copilot toolbar into one toggle button. From this:

to this:

The reason: to free up some toolbar space. Seemed reasonable. Unfortunately this change caused a spate of support e-mails asking, “Where’d my stats go? Everything is always zero.” New users are not really sure what the dollar sign means, so they click it, unaware they’ve turned on “play money” mode.

I’m going to do two things about this. First, the cash/play money toggle will only show if you have play money. Second, when in play money mode, I’ll prominently indicate this, through text or colour.

Why support play money?, you might ask. Who’d spend $59.95 on a Poker tracking product if they are not playing for cash? You’d be surprised. Before I added play money support I received many e-mails from people asking for it.