Steve, Two: Bugs, Zero

Two obscure bugs turned up today.

First, someone played a PokerStars hand that was cancelled, because no-one coughed up the big blind. In a year or more of Poker Copilot, no-one previously reported this. Finding it was a stroke of luck and some good detective work from loyal Poker Copilot user Jonathan.

Second, if you stayed in a tournament until the stakes got crazy high, like hours and hours, then some of the summary screens couldn’t cope with the combined total of chips won/lost. Like 250K/500K crazy high. (For my fellow geeks, some summed values were too big to fit in a Java int.)

Both bugs have been located and eliminated. It was deeply satisfying.

The next update will contain the fix.

Two thoughts:

1. If there was a formal spec of the poker room hand history files, it would help me detect these razor-thin edge cases earlier.

2. When creating software that depends heavily on an informal interface with other rapidly-changing software, bugs will never stop appearing.