Poker Copilot Discussion Forum

You asked for a place to discuss Poker Copilot. I listened. Discuss Poker Copilot.

I’ve been using FogBugz for Poker Copilot issue tracking. It has discussion forum software built in. It’s hosted by Fog Creek Software themselves, so I can trust them to keep the software updated when security flaws are detected. I’m using the free Startup edition, so it costs me nothing. It has spam and abuse detection built-in, which is a big, big plus. The search works pretty well and has no user-unfriendly Captcha. The design is simple and uncluttered.

That’s the good points.

You can’t use any kind of mark-up in your post. That, for me, is the bad point.

For free, I’m willing to accept a 90% solution.

So go post something illuminating!