No HUD for Ongame Network?

Ongame Network’s Mac client is different from the other poker rooms. My attempts to create a working HUD are going nowhere.

Attempt 1: Querying the Accessibility API. The technique Poker Copilot uses to track table windows does not work with Ongame. I use Mac OS X’s Accessibility API to ask an application where its windows are, what size they are, and the text in the window title. Ongame’s software freezes software that uses this technique for roughly 30 seconds at a time.

Attempt 2: Querying the Windows Server. From Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) onwards, it’s possible to ask OS X directly for a list of all windows, including location, size, application name, and window name. This technique works for Full Tilt and Poker Stars, but in Ongame only the first letter of the window title text is returned.

I don’t know whether Ongame has intentionally made it hard to track this information, possibly as a counter-measure for poker-playing bots that use screen-scraping.

I am at a dead end. Unless a flash of inspiration strikes, Poker Copilot won’t have a HUD for Ongame rooms any time soon.