Must… Not… Rant…

I try not to rant in this blog. So I’ll present this clearly and objectively.

Until recently Full Tilt Poker indicated in the tournament summary file that you won a tournament entry as such:

1: Phil_Ivey, Entry to Tournament #70051699

But recently this has changed to

1: Phil_Hellmuth, entry to tournament 113552656

A human can recognise the difference without a moment’s thought. The eye skips over the change of upper case letters into lower case letters. Likewise with the disappearing #. But computer are not humans. Artificial intelligence never did get the hang of understanding arbitrary minor changes.

And so, the Poker Copilot parser breaks again.

I’m curious as to why Full Tilt makes such changes from time to time. A new developer who prefers lower-case to upper-case? who doesn’t like # signs? Is it in order to deal with internal Full Tilt bugs? Is it intentional to keep us developers of poker tracking software on our toes?

Fixing the problem is trivial. Identifying the problem is a bit harder. Predicting the problem in advance is fiendishly difficult.

This problem will be fixed in the next Poker Copilot update.