Interactive Feature Design

A popular request for Poker Copilot is to show the table’s VPiP (voluntarily put $ in pot). It’s time for me to do something about this. It’s also time for an experiment: interactive feature design.

Here’s what I’ve mocked up so far:


Here’s what I propose:
* the nature of a table can change quickly as players come and go, so only the last 25 hands should be included in the stats.
* less than 25 hands of data will show the table stats in grey, to indicate the uncertainty, just like with the player HUDs
* VPiP, for example, will be calculated by adding up for each player the number of times that a player has put money in the pot. That total will be divided by the sum of each player’s “times seen”. Alternatively, I could take an average for each player, but I think the first approach is more sound.
* displaying this is optional and can be toggled on/off in the HUD preferences.

I haven’t written a lick of code yet. So please send me your feedback.