A Surprise New Feature in Poker Copilot

A surprise for me, that is!

Poker Copilot uses H2, an open-source embedded SQL database engine. I follow the H2 discussion forum daily, to ensure I am informed of new developments and possible problems. Today I was very surprised to read that H2 has a built-in SQL console, which I could add to Poker Copilot with one line of code (plus a few supporting


Immediately an SQL console opens in your browser.

Screen shot 2009-09-18 at 8.23.54 PM.png

I knew this console existed, as I often use it. I didn’t realise that you could embed it so easily.

These days commercial software builds upon numerous third-party products. Perhaps it was always that way. These third-party components are usually cheap and often open source and therefore free. Today you can add astounding power to an application easily.

The bad side of using third-party products: you inherit the bugs of each product. The good side: you inherit the hidden features of each component.

You’ll find this in the next update of Poker Copilot, under the Tools menu as “Database Console (Advanced)”.