Poker Copilot Update 2.12 is Here

“The best Poker Copilot of all time.” – Steve McLeod

You can download Poker Copilot 2.12 here

The slowness in loading hand histories may still occur sometimes. Quit Poker Copilot and start it again, and it should speed up.

I’m not going to release this version officially yet. There’s been a load of changes. So many, that I’m feeling a little uncertain. I’m hoping that the more enthusiastic Poker Copilot users will give this a go. I’m grateful for anyone who does.

Note for 2.09 users: the upgrade process isn’t available. You’ll only have the option to delete the current database and reload all hands.

Here’s what’s new:

  • More filters: buy-in for tournaments and stake level for ring games
  • Faster retrieval of data
  • Database Console
  • Work-around for more PokerStars character encoding problems
  • Fixed the suit mix-up in the hand replayer
  • Auto-detection mode, where hand history folders are detected whenever you start Poker Copilot. This is disabled by default for existing users, enabled for new users
  • Work-around for Full Tilt language mix-up. (Full Tilt sometimes writes some non-English text into english tournament summaries)
  • Work-arounds for some Snow Leopard issues. To be precise, these are Java 6 issues, which Poker Copilot uses on Snow Leopard because Apple removed Java 5.
  • Several small issues fixed